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  • An app to assist gardeners
  • An app to assist gardeners
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An app to assist gardeners

For many, gardening can seem like an alien process. How do you know which flowers are which, or how to take care of them? After all, in the UK alone there are more than 400,000 flowering plant species. Fortunately, for those who aspire to green fingers, there's an app for that.



  • Shazam introduces visual recognition Shazam introduces visual recognition

    Audio recognition app Shazam – which helps hundreds of millions of people find the names of songs playing around them – has expanded its features to include ‘visual recognition’. It's effectively re-inventing the much derided QR-code functionality, but aren't QR codes already dead?

  • An app that makes images searchable An app that makes images searchable

    You can Google anything your heart desires, ask Siri almost anything and Shazam music wherever you are. But the way we see the world is still largely unsearchable. Blippar is making visual search a reality with an augmented reality app that turns cameras into search engines.

  • Article image What do people need from an app?

    The Apple App Store houses over one million apps. Despite once trying to do everything, apps are now being split into single purpose platforms. But how do people actually use them? And which is more useful – the Swiss Army knife approach or a tailored, single purpose app?

  • Article image Awear Solutions: shopping from a stranger’s back

    Israeli start-up Awear Solutions is making awkward 'where did you get that bag?' interactions a thing of the past with an app that lets you scan strangers’ outfits on the go, taking you to the original purchase site. But given that it relies on brand and customer co-operation, does it have growth potential?