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  • Philanthropy for super-rich hackers
  • Philanthropy for super-rich hackers
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Philanthropy for super-rich hackers

Over the past few decades, a small group of entrepreneurs have disrupted countless industries – from media to transportation – and have become immensely rich along the way. These billionaires are now turning their hacker mentality to a new area of concern; philanthropy.



  • Article image Kiva: charity for generation crowdfund

    Gen Y is often labelled as narcissistic and entitled – yet in 2013, 87% of them gave to charity. Over 60% of Millennials have donated via their mobiles, and they want transparency and simplicity when doing so. Are charities paying enough attention to tomorrow’s philanthropists?

  • Article image We Are Lucky: philanthropy with personality

    The multimillionaire founder of We Are Lucky has pledged to give away his fortune, £1,000 at a time, to the people he meets on his daily travels.

  • Article image Transparency and honesty from 'charity: water'

    In just five years, New York-based charity: water has raised nearly $50m. This has been achieved by emphasising transparency.

  • Article image 3D it yourself

    Part of the hacking phenomenon is a creative take on DIY, with 3D printing essentially shifting the meaning of hacking.