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  • Challenging the preconceptions about cola
  • Challenging the preconceptions about cola
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Challenging the preconceptions about cola

Just the word 'cola' brings to mind sugary drinks that you shouldn't really be drinking in large quantities. Seeking to overcome the mainstream preconceptions about its drinks segment, Gusto Cola is a craft brand offering something that 'pushes the right buttons' with consumers.



  • Article image AquaBall: The stealthy, healthy drink for kids

    Coke is addictively fizzy and OJ is a deliciously sweet nectar, especially for kids. How has AquaBall – water with no sugar, artificial colours, flavours or calories – nabbed 2% market share in two short years? What’s in AquaBall’s recipe that makes it such a success?

  • Article image Are Brits really drinking healthy?

    Over 80% of UK adults agree that looking after their health is important and almost 50% will pay more for a low calorie drink. But we are a contradictory nation; sugary cola represents over half of all pop drunk. When and why are people choosing to drink healthy over swigging down a sugar hit?

  • Pepsi releases a stevia-sweetened drink Pepsi releases a stevia-sweetened drink

    PepsiCo's answer to Coke Life is a stevia-sweetened drink called Pepsi True that contains 30% less sugar than regular Pepsi. As people grow wary of what they're putting into their bodies, can Pepsi attract health-conscious drinkers with its green-coloured product?

  • Article image Vita Coco: the appeal of ‘nature’s soda’

    Marketed as 'nature’s Gatorade', Vita Coco has become popular way beyond the gym. It has a 60% market share in the US, and over 90% in the UK, where it’s the fastest-growing non-alcoholic drinks brand. But just how did Vita Coco turn coconut water into a global phenomenon?