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  • Facebook's symbolic gesture of equality
  • Facebook's symbolic gesture of equality
    Ryan Van Etten (2011) ©

Facebook's symbolic gesture of equality

It’s a tiny thing, but you probably see it every day. The little two-headed blob at the top of your Facebook newsfeed; the icon for ‘friends’. If you’re really eagle-eyed you might even have noticed that it’s changed. In a nod to gender equality, the woman is now in front.



  • Article image Fast and Furious: driving diversity in the cinema

    Eleven years after its debut, the Fast and Furious franchise is more lucrative than ever. The latest is the third film ever to break $1 billion in the box office. But is its success down to cars, girls and explosions? Or does it offer something no other franchise does – a cast as diverse as its audience?

  • Sharpe Suits fit any gender Sharpe Suits fit any gender

    From Katharine Hepburn sporting a smoking jacket in the '40s to Cara Delevingne starring in a DKNY 2015 menswear campaign, androgynous fashion is a long-standing trend. Sharpe Suiting hopes to abolish any remaining stereotypes by tailoring for people, not genders.

  • Facebook expands gender options Facebook expands gender options

    Facebook has added a customisable gender option, expanding the choice to 50 different terms. Adding terms like androgynous, bi-gender and transgender, Facebook takes a step towards to acceptance for people who do not see self-identity as simple.

  • Article image Hypersensitive! The new political correctness

    As issues of representation and diversity come to the fore in a connected world of social media, how is the new political correctness changing the way organisations communicate?