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  • Swiss Post to trial delivery drones
  • Swiss Post to trial delivery drones
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Swiss Post to trial delivery drones

A future where drones zip around above our heads, delivering parcels within the hour just got a little closer with the Swiss Post’s announcement that it'll be trialling delivery drones to send mail. It hopes the drones will be ready to transport high priority items to your doorstep by 2020.



  • Article image PhoneAddress: ordering to your location, not your address

    The rise of click-and-collect services has seen consumers shun home deliveries in favour of visiting high street stores. ‘Delivery-to-mobile’ aims to make delivery convenient again, getting parcels to moving locations and cutting costs. Can it meet the needs of increasingly on-demand lifestyles?

  • Article image Littlewoods: the next page in catalogue shopping

    At its height, Littlewoods dispatched 25 million catalogues each year for mums and grans to thumb through. Now that online accounts for 90% of Littlewoods’ sales, the brand is set to drop the mag. But can anything replace the appeal of a spot of catalogue shopping on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

  • Delhi plans to use drones to police streets Delhi plans to use drones to police streets

    Following a high profile accusation that an Uber driver raped a woman in Delhi, the city's police plans to launch an ambitious drone-based surveillance project in 2015. While drones with night vision cameras might improve safety, will residents have privacy concerns?

  • Article image The sky’s the limit

    As city streets become cluttered with advertising, brands are now experimenting in the sky instead. But as drones are often associated with shady surveillance and the sky is still considered to be a sacred place, what’s the etiquette for planting messages in the air?