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  • An African City shows a glossier side of Ghana
  • An African City shows a glossier side of Ghana
    An African City (2014) ©

An African City shows a glossier side of Ghana

Four fashionable, professional women, starring in a show about life and love in the big city. Sound familiar? It’s not Sex and the City, it’s An African City, a popular web series following the lives of four women returning to the Ghanaian city of Accra after years spent in the diaspora.



  • Article image Vlisco: African Luxury for global fashionistas

    Vlisco defines West African luxury. Established in 1846 by a Dutch trader, today Vlisco produces 75% of all African wax fabrics bought and sold worldwide, coveted by fashionistas and high-end designers in the West and Africa alike. How has Vlisco forged such a unique bi-cultural brand?

  • Article image High Maintenance: webisodes for a discerning internet audience

    The word ‘webisode’ isn’t often associated with quality viewing. Finding content worth watching usually means trawling through cat videos and porn. Yet one in three Americans would give up TV in favour of online. Can High Maintenance change perceptions of made-for-web content?

  • Article image Are we all turning our TVs off for good?

    We've never been so interested in TV shows - but we aren't watching TV. Instead, we're turning to online video - whether it's Netflix or YouTube. But new technology isn't solely responsible – a wider shift in lifestyles is creating a natural path towards hyper-diversification.

  • Article image Fuse ODG: the sound of new Africa

    With three hits in as many singles, Fuse ODG is a leading pioneer of Afrobeats. Growing up in both Ghana and Britain, Fuse felt a disjointed sense of identity. He's now using his success to counter stereotypes and show the world the capable, exuberant Africa he loves.