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  • Why people secretly break their own stuff
  • Why people secretly break their own stuff
    Bj√∂rn Lindell (2013) ©

Why people secretly break their own stuff

Fancy upgrading to the latest smartphone or television? Most consumers would, and do, even though their current stuff works perfectly fine. Research sheds light on how some consumers justify these seemingly unnecessary purchases; by mistreating the items they already have.



  • How self-service design affects customer behaviour How self-service design affects customer behaviour

    With the aid of technological advances, the potential for self-service has been growing in recent years. And with McDonald’s now embracing build your own burger kiosks, predictions are becoming reality. New research shows the surprising ways it's impacting consumer behaviour.

  • Article image iPhone for Life: a lesson in smartphone loyalty

    Over four iPhones are bought every second. Sprint’s iPhone for Life plan lets Apple fans rent their favourite phone, and get an upgrade whenever a new model comes out. But what impact will it have on brand loyalty, and how does it reflect changing attitudes towards ownership?

  • Article image The Restart Project: fixing our relationship with electronics

    Electrical goods are the fastest increasing waste stream in the UK, growing by 5% annually. Registered charity The Restart Project challenges our disposable conditioning, and as repair culture spreads, how realistic is it to invest in a mend rather than replace attitude?

  • Article image Why do we lie to ourselves?

    From the NSA scandal to the ‘white lies’ people tell themselves, we sat down with acclaimed behavioural economist Dan Ariely to learn more about the driving forces behind dishonesty.