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  • Children may get right to digital control
  • Children may get right to digital control
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Children may get right to digital control

In the past, embarrassing incidents or misjudged comments faded away with time. Today, thanks to digital platforms, they can be immortalised online and carry devastating repercussions. Should today's children have to suffer the consequences of the slip-ups of their youth?



  • Article image How will Gen Z change the future of media?

    To see into the future of media, take a look at a 12-year-old’s iPad. Gen Z spend 35 hours a week consuming media. In the first of a two-part report, we look at why Gen Z are choosing tablets over TVs, why streaming services are king, and how this generation's behaviour will shape entertainment’s future.

  • 25,000 Germans want to be forgotten 25,000 Germans want to be forgotten

    According a Google transparency report, 25,000 Germans have asked the search engine to remove search results about them, following the EU Court of Justice’s ‘Right to be Forgotten’ ruling in May 2014. Only France has seen more requests.

  • Article image Citizenme: giving back control of personal data

    Nearly 80% of people think companies use their personal data to make more money, so they're reluctant to share it. With over three quarters of people concerned about online privacy, Citizenme gives them back control of their data. But what does it mean for users and advertisers?

  • Article image Is Federico Zannier kickstarting a 'small data' revolution?

    There's an increasing consumer awareness of the value of their personal data - and those who gather it are finding ways to emphasise the 'value exchange' while revealing how it's used.