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  • Berlin becomes the go-to city for startups
  • Berlin becomes the go-to city for startups
    Jorg Schubert (2014) ©

Berlin becomes the go-to city for startups

While London has been the go-to location for aspiring entrepreneurs in years past, Berlin is slowly starting to overtake the UK’s capital as an attractive new haven for start-ups. But what’s creating the perfect climate for a prosperous company culture in the German city?



  • Article image The Startup Hour: investing from the comfort of your couch

    The Startup Hour is a TV show that combines ‘the excitement of a reality TV contest with the urgency of the New York Stock Exchange trading floor’. Promising a new twist on an old format, are people ready to combine cold hard cash with light evening entertainment? Or is it just another gimmick? 

  • Article image Bitcoinkiez: buy a beer at a bar with Bitcoin in Berlin

    Infamous cryptocurrency Bitcoin is renowned for enabling its users to buy illegal goods online. But thanks to a Berlin-based cluster of brick-and-mortar stores, people can buy a beer with Bitcoin now, too. But what do retailers stand to gain from accepting a currency that’s still so underused?

  • Berlin cool going global Berlin cool going global

    Dena is being heralded as the epitome of Berlin cool. The Bulgarian born star has enjoyed success already in Germany, and global interest is started to grow. Though popular, her understated persona is seen by some as a parody of hipster culture.

  • Matchmaking startup co-founders Matchmaking startup co-founders

    FounderDating is an online network for entrepreneurs to form fruitful business partnerships. Members list their abilities and interests, allowing similar-minded people with complementary skill sets to connect and co-found startups.