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  • India ready to say goodbye to cash
  • India ready to say goodbye to cash
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India ready to say goodbye to cash

Cash is king in India, where many people use their debit cards solely to withdraw money from ATMs. But mobile commerce is taking off, with e-commerce giants Amazon and Alibaba driving an increasing openness to e-payments and internet banking by introducing mobile payment systems.



  • Article image A sector snapshot of money

    What is ‘connected commerce’? How are banking innovations going social? Why is everyone becoming an entrepreneur? And can behavioural economics help people save?

  • Article image Chumbak: selling kitsch to Gen Y in India

    Chumbak is an apparel and homeware brand that pokes fun at Indian life. From its humble beginnings as a home-based business, it's grown to more than 30 stores via digital marketing. But how has it engaged India’s Gen Y with fridge magnets featuring the everyday sights of their native country?

  • Article image Why second-hand trade is booming in India

    The used goods market in India is expected to grow to $18.4 billion in 2015. Who’s driving it? Savvy young married couples in urban areas – they’re buying anything from books to cars online. But it’s also this group that are selling. How is a desire to de-clutter fuelling India’s second-hand market?

  • India rejects mobile money India rejects mobile money

    While mobile money is having an impact all around the world, it has failed to take off in India, where fewer mobile transfers take place than in Pakistan. But with developing countries embracing mobile payments, particularly in Africa, why hasn't the same happened in India?