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  • Gen Y wants fast-food to go healthy
  • Gen Y wants fast-food to go healthy
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Gen Y wants fast-food to go healthy

As Gen Yers continue to eschew fast-food restaurants, what can brands in the market do to win back their customers? According to a recent survey, an improved focus on health would be a positive start, with Gen Y looking for high quality food without high calorie fears.



  • Studies show Gen Y eat differently Studies show Gen Y eat differently

    Gen Yers – with their growing spending power – are the demographic every marketer wants to entice. It’s hard to pin down exactly what the typical Gen Yer wants when it comes to food, but recent studies have indicated several ways they’re different from the generations that came before.

  • Article image McDonald’s Eat-In: slowing down fast food

    News that McDonald’s profits fell 21% in Q4 2015 highlighted how the brand had lost touch with consumers. Trials in Australia and the Netherlands aim to make the brand relevant again, but can customisable menus and more comfortable restaurants bring people back through the golden arches?

  • Article image Has premium booze made our snacks posh?

    Ever thought what goes into the ice in your whisky, or the tonic in your gin? More and more brands are tapping into the premiumisation trend by creating accompaniments specific to spirits, craft ales or wines. How’s this foodie revolution affecting our tastes and the food and drink industry?

  • Chipotle goes GMO-free for Gen Y Chipotle goes GMO-free for Gen Y

    Fast food brands have been getting a bad rap for serving unhealthy food packed with sugars and fats. But one restaurant chain is changing the way people think about and eat fast food. Reaching an important milestone, Chipotle has removed all GMO ingredients from the food it serves.