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  • Instagram ignites the art world
  • Instagram ignites the art world
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Instagram ignites the art world

Instagram has proved immensely popular for people looking to share their most photogenic moments, but it’s also been big for industries that revolve around aesthetic appeal like fashion, retail and the art industry. Now more than ever, the platform is fuelling sales of artists’ work.



  • An auction house in an app An auction house in an app

    Whether you're interested in Brutalist furniture or the Art Nouveau period, online auction house 1stdibs has introduced an app that enables shoppers to search for antiques via smartphone. But will people feel comfortable splashing cash on luxury goods through an app?

  • Article image Electric Objects: digital masterpieces for the 21st century art collector

    Music, film and publishing are all part of our digital lives, but the art world remains stubbornly offline. Electric Objects, a digital frame that displays “the most beautiful parts of the internet”, wants to make hanging a GIF on your wall as instinctive as downloading a film.

  • Bid on live Sotheby's auctions via eBay Bid on live Sotheby's auctions via eBay

    Sotheby's may be a 270-year-old institution, but that doesn't mean its business practise should be as antiquated as its wares. Partnering with eBay, the auction house is set to live stream lots on an arm of the site, opening its luxury offerings to eBay's 145 million users.

  • Article image Will digital save luxury?

    Burberry's new flagship store combines digital with luxury – with their recent drop in share price, can this innovative approach rekindle demand?