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  • A McWhopper for world peace
  • A McWhopper for world peace
    Fumiaki Yoshimatsu (2008) ©

A McWhopper for world peace

Burger King is seeking a truce with McDonald’s in the interest of the International Day of Peace – an initiative helmed by UN-backed nonprofit Peace One Day. Its proposal? The building of the McWhopper – a hybrid of each of the brands' signature burgers – available for one day only.



  • Article image McDonald’s Eat-In: slowing down fast food

    News that McDonald’s profits fell 21% in Q4 2015 highlighted how the brand had lost touch with consumers. Trials in Australia and the Netherlands aim to make the brand relevant again, but can customisable menus and more comfortable restaurants bring people back through the golden arches?

  • Article image Domino’s: feeding India’s love of fast food

    While many American fast food chains have set up shop in India, reinventing themselves in the process in order to appeal to local tastes, Domino’s stands out as a brand that’s gone one step further. Carefully balancing local tastes with the Western flavour that people associate with pizza, Domino’s has engineered a 72% slice of the market.

  • McDonald's lets people build their own burger McDonald's lets people build their own burger

    With McDonald's challenged by fast food chains like Chipotle and Subway – which emphasise fresher ingredients and let people choose what goes into their products – the burger chain is expanding the "create your own taste" option. But can it boost sliding sales?

  • Burger King debuts gay pride Whopper Burger King debuts gay pride Whopper

    During Pride 2014 in San Francisco, customers eating at a Burger King were served up a special rainbow-wrapped ‘Proud Whopper’. Customers expected it to be diferent from the original Whopper, but once unwrapped, the message “We are all the same inside” was revealed.