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  • ‘Morality bank’ in China rewards good deeds
  • ‘Morality bank’ in China rewards good deeds
    Bill Benzon (2012) ©

‘Morality bank’ in China rewards good deeds

‘One good deed a day’ might be a popular mantra, but now it could reward you with more than contentment. In Yanji, China, a ‘morality bank’ has popped up, rewarding people with free services in exchange for doing something positive in the community. But how does it work?



  • Doing good can be profitable Doing good can be profitable

    Do customers care about a brand's CSR? And do moral brands create better products and bigger profits? A series of experiments carried out by Northwestern University found that consumers do care about brands' social activities, but they have to be driven by genuine care and not self-interest. 

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    Whether people identify as Christian, feminist or vegetarian, in a landscape that celebrates transparency, brands that share people's values tend to come out on top. Glia makes it even easier for people to find out which brands' morals mirror their own, meaning they'll never buy anything mindlessly again.

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    Are you a vegetarian? Are you trying to lose weight? Or are you an eco warrior? Everyone is different, and everyone's purchasing decisions are influenced by different factors. A concept app called Disclosed aims to help you ‘shop the way you care’ – you'll never buy anything mindlessly again. 

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    Volunteering is on the up. Socially conscious Millennials, greater connectivity and mutually beneficial initiatives mean more people are giving their time for free. Good For Nothing presents a savvy solution to the bureaucracy traditionally associated with the sector.