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  • The V&A gets its own in-flight channel
  • The V&A gets its own in-flight channel
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The V&A gets its own in-flight channel

The world’s largest art and design museum, London’s V&A, is taking to the skies by launching a channel on British Airways’ in-flight entertainment system. The collaboration is designed to extend the museum's reach while lending the airline some exclusive cultural prestige.



  • Qatar Airways named best airline in the world Qatar Airways named best airline in the world

    Fresh flowers, chandeliers and Michelin-starred food – the image conjured is one of a luxury hotel. A plane journey – synonymous with discomfort and boredom – is certainly not what springs to mind. But for those who can afford to fly with Qatar Airways, this is exactly what they'll experience.

  • Article image Who wants to read a branded magazine?

    With millions using AdBlock and just 24% of users scrolling down on native ads, brands can struggle to reach online consumers. Yet 90% of EasyJet’s six million monthly passengers read its in-flight magazine Traveller. We speak to Ink Global’s Jonny Clark to discover what makes engaging branded content.

  • Smartening up the in-flight magazine Smartening up the in-flight magazine

    When flying first class, you expect a certain level of sophistication. Quality food and drink, sure, but lofty reading material? American Airlines thinks so, and it's upgraded its in-flight magazine to meet that expectation. Rhapsody is a glossy tome featuring original work from literary giants.

  • Article image The future of the airport

    With $385 billion currently invested in global airport developments, lounges and runways are changing rapidly. It might be decades before ‘airport cities’ are developed, but we’re already seeing new outdoor spaces, retail opportunities and better logistics. What does the future of airports hold?