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  • Peeple lets you publicly rate everyone you know
  • Peeple lets you publicly rate everyone you know
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Peeple lets you publicly rate everyone you know

If you could, what would you rate your boss out of ten? Your partner? Your best mate? Peeple invites people to rate people as if they were a business – a ‘Yelp for humans’. It was supposed to launch in November 2015, but it’s unclear whether or not it’ll survive the public onslaught.



  • Article image Art Series Hotels: reviewing the reviewers

    Are you the kind of person who leaves a hotel room in a mess or takes more than the complimentary soap? The Art Series Hotel Group is turning the tables on today’s empowered consumers with reverse reviews, but can the threat of public shaming or a promise of special perks get guests to behave?

  • Hotel rates guests with ‘reverse reviews’ Hotel rates guests with ‘reverse reviews’

    Ever since TripAdvisor came onto the scene, guests have been able to review hotels. But what if the tables were turned and hotels were able to review guests? One hotel in Australia is about to find out with a new social experiment called ‘reverse reviews’ that offers well behaved guests rewards.

  • Article image Who really trusts an online review?

    With over 61% of people reading online reviews before making a purchase decision, it’s even more important than ever to separate the good ones from the bad. But with peer reviews and professional write-ups often having contrasting opinions, who should we trust – and why?

  • Article image Lulu: private spaces for women

    It’s been described by Cosmopolitan as “Sex and the City marries Facebook”, but is man-rating app Lulu anything more than a reversal of the online objectification of women?