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  • Modern women are more than mums
  • Modern women are more than mums
    Frank Fullard (2013) ©

Modern women are more than mums

More and more women are identifying themselves by their careers, hobbies and friends, rather than their roles as mothers. In today’s culture, the stay-at-home mum has been replaced by a career-driven woman who wants to have it all. What can marketers learn from this shift?



  • Article image Why are more women choosing to be childfree?

    Want to be part of an evolved and envied elite that’s highly educated, successful, prosperous and enjoying great sex? Simple – don’t have kids. Birth rates amongst 20-something Americans are at their lowest ever and the ‘childfree by choice’ demographic is wealthier, healthier and happier. But why?

  • The Muse helps Gen Y women find work The Muse helps Gen Y women find work

    With 45% of the workforce now consisting of Gen Y-ers and a large portion of those female, ensuring that they feel comfortable in their work is important. These young, educated women are more confident than their mothers, though still not as self assured as their male counterparts.

  • Article image CirKiz: clubbing goes PG

    No drugs, and there’s a nine-year-old behind the decks – clubbing in NYC isn’t what it used to be. Once a month, Manhattan club Cielo transforms into a family-friendly rave, complete with a light show and EDM soundtrack. What can CirKiz tell us about pleasing everyone in the family?

  • Article image Not ‘just’ a stay-at-home mum

    More mums are choosing to become their own boss and look after their children at the same time. But does ‘motherism’ – the prejudice that paints ‘non-working’ mums as unsexy slobs – really motivate women to go back to work just to remove the ‘stay-at-home’ label?