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  • Realistic Gen Zers see the harm in social media
  • Realistic Gen Zers see the harm in social media
    Matthew Wilkinson (2013) ©

Realistic Gen Zers see the harm in social media

As social media infiltrates all aspects of our lives, fatigue was always inevitable; from the uptake of anonymous platforms like Secret to celebrities like Lena Dunham handing the reigns of their accounts over to their staff. Will regular people soon start deserting these digital spaces too?



  • Social networks fined over cyberbullying Social networks fined over cyberbullying

    Bullying is an unfortunate staple in everybody’s life growing up – whether they're dealing it out, taking it or observing it. But as it increasingly transcends the boundaries of the schoolyard to manifest in new ways online, who should be responsible for protecting the vulnerable and impressionable?

  • Article image Social networking in secret

    The growing number of anonymous communication platforms highlights the importance and scale of the desire for privacy online. Anonymity has gained a sense of authenticity and safety – and only by understanding this can brands continue to communicate effectively.

  • Article image Thigh gaps and funeral snaps: the dark side of the selfie

    Crowned 'word of the year' in 2013, the selfie has come a long way from its origins as a niche social media tag. But are selfies just a bit of narcissistic fun, or is there a darker side?

  • Article image Teen dystopia: reading between the lines

    Following the success of The Hunger Games, young adult fiction is growing darker and increasingly dystopian. How might brands tap into the underlying desires for a new kind of hero?