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  • Luxury is on the rise in the Middle East
  • Luxury is on the rise in the Middle East
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Luxury is on the rise in the Middle East

In the past 15 years, the number of luxury consumers has increased from 140 million to over 350 million globally. But while luxury brands have notoriously focused on Asian markets like China, they’re increasingly turning their attention to the Middle East  a market that’s hungry for luxury goods.



  • Article image A sector snapshot of luxury

    Why do people want their technology products to be precious? Why is personal service more important than ever? Should the luxury sector be keeping an eye on social? And how are airports emerging as the 'sixth continent'?

  • Article image What Middle Eastern luxury shoppers love about London

    Middle Eastern tourists spent £888 million in London in 2014, leading many luxury retailers to offer VIP treatment around Ramadan, including Arabic speaking concierges and chauffeurs. What’s this group’s ideal shopping experience? And how can brands target consumers that already have it all?

  • Article image Why luxury is a way of life in China

    Renowned for an insatiable appetite for luxury, within ten years China will account for 50% of global luxury purchases. But as discretion becomes the mark of distinction, who are these luxury consumers, how are their tastes evolving and what compels them to part with their cash?

  • Luxury hotels expand in the Middle East Luxury hotels expand in the Middle East

    From mind-boggling skyscrapers to high-end luxe boutiques, the Middle East has long been recognised as a destination for supercharged luxury experiences. And even at a time when geopolitical concerns are rife, major luxury hotel groups are still forging on with expansion.