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  • AXA France launches insurance for smart homes
  • AXA France launches insurance for smart homes
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AXA France launches insurance for smart homes

Fancy keeping tabs on your home from your mobile phone? AXA France has the answer. The growth of the Internet of Things has led the company to launch its first insurance plan for the connected home. Could the use of connected devices be the future approach to home protection?



  • Article image CUJO: securing your smart home from cyber threats

    In 2014, 110 million US adults were hacked. As we fill our homes with smart lights and thermostats, heightened connectivity is bringing heightened insecurity. A guard dog for the digital age, CUJO is designed to keep the connected home secure from cyber-threats. But are our homes really at risk?

  • When the smart home fails When the smart home fails

    The ideal of the smart home is a Jetson-style wonderland where everything works in harmony with our smallest whims. But in reality, products that are supposed to be intuitive, problem-solving and ultimately 'smart' can end up introducing extra headaches into daily life instead.

  • Article image Are smart homes a dumb idea?

    As you leave for work, you yell “lock” and “camera on” to keep the house secure, before telling your vacuum to clean the bedroom carpet while you're out. It's not a sci-fi film - the technology is available now. But do we really want our homes to be controlled by technology?

  • Article image Philips Hue: the birth of Digital DIY

    The first connected light bulb allows users to personalise the colour, mood and brightness of their home from their smartphone. The home is undergoing a digital redecoration.