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  • Luxury condos attract foreigners to Berlin
  • Luxury condos attract foreigners to Berlin
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Luxury condos attract foreigners to Berlin

Luxury condos in Berlin are experiencing steady price increases, displaying huge growth potential. Interestingly, buyers come from both home and abroad. So what’s attracting people to purchase property in Germany's capital, and what effect will it have on the market?



  • Berlin becomes the go-to city for startups Berlin becomes the go-to city for startups

    While London has been the go-to location for aspiring entrepreneurs in years past, Berlin is slowly starting to overtake the UK’s capital as an attractive new haven for start-ups. But what’s creating the perfect climate for a prosperous company culture in the German city?

  • Article image A Cultural Snapshot of Germany

    Do Germans still booze on beer and snack on sausage? Does beauty still equal blonde hair and blue eyes? In our 2015 cultural snapshot of Germany, we demystify cultural myths, shed light on the country’s economic outlook, and explore the emerging and established trends across 11 sectors.

  • Article image How German homes are changing shape

    In Berlin, prices for apartments have increased 35% since 2008. Germans are choosing to invest their savings in “Betongold” (cement as gold) and Chinese millionaires are snapping up luxury apartments all over the country. But what’s behind the boom and how has this changed what a German home looks like?

  • Article image Is the German luxury market driven by functionality?

    A global survey on the perception of German luxury arrived at the word “perfection”. But HSBC’s Luxury Goods report lists only one German company, and German’s traditionally prefer to buy designer goods from Italy, UK and France. Is German luxury really driven by function over form?