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  • Planet Table is minimising food waste
  • Planet Table is minimising food waste
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Planet Table is minimising food waste

According to the UN, a third of the world's food goes to waste. Japanese start-up Planet Table plans to begin changing that with the launch of Send, an online ordering platform connecting food producers to restaurants. Can the app help Japan reduce the amount of food it throws away?



  • Article image Why Japan is cleaning up its countryside

    Japan is experiencing a tourism boom. But its struggling countryside is absent from most itineraries, with limited access for foreign visitors and areas marred by runaway development. Could spreading the word about Japan’s rural charm bring tourists and locals back to its dying towns?

  • Japanese farmers name their misshapen veg Japanese farmers name their misshapen veg

    Misshapen vegetables don't generally tend to sell well – if at all – but Kyoto farmers have found a way around this by making up strange names for their wares. Often their namesakes are famous places in and around the city.

  • Rebranding 'ugly' fruit and vegetables Rebranding 'ugly' fruit and vegetables

    With an estimated 300 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables wasted each year, the European Union has christened 2014 as the "Year against Food Waste". French supermarket Intermarche has responded by challenging perceptions of 'ugly' fruits and vegetables.

  • Article image PareUp: selling on surplus food

    Food waste from restaurants and supermarkets in the US represents $165 billion of missed profit. Responding to this, PareUp caters to a conscious clientele by partnering with cafés and stores to promote surplus unsold foodstuffs, reducing waste and passing on discounts.