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  • Airbnb introduces an 'Experience Card'
  • Airbnb introduces an 'Experience Card'
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Airbnb introduces an 'Experience Card'

When you’re on holiday it can be hard sticking to a budget and a hassle to try to keep track of your cash. Airbnb recognises this, and that’s why it’s launched its 'Experience Card'; a loyalty scheme that ensures customers have enough money to make the most of their travels no matter what.



  • Article image Why do people become members?

    As people spend less time in traditional communities, they’re seeking connections beyond religion and family. Memberships with organisations or brands can create loyalty and boost revenues, but the reasons to join Scientology or Sainsbury’s are vastly different. So why do people become members?

  • Article image Skytime Card: pay-as-you-go private jet travel

    Spending on luxury travel hit a $460 billion high in 2014. As more people desire a slice of the high life, will Skytime Jets’ pay-as-you-go private jet hire be a hit? Is elite air travel set to become more accessible than ever? And how are such schemes shaping the future of luxury travel?

  • A loyalty scheme that shows companies care A loyalty scheme that shows companies care

    Is rewarding people for shopping the best way for brands to encourage loyalty? With 78% of people not loyal to a particular brand, companies are trying different tactics. One approach involves rewarding people for behaviour that doesn't have any financial benefit to companies. 

  • Airbnb connects tourists with locals Airbnb connects tourists with locals

    You've booked a room through Airbnb, but what do you do when you get there? The room sharing platform is testing a new feature called 'Local Companion', a concierge service that connects you to locals at your destination, who can tell you where's hot and what's pop.