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  • Bud Light announces a gender-friendly beer ad
  • Bud Light announces a gender-friendly beer ad
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Bud Light announces a gender-friendly beer ad

Beer ads have hardly been bastions of gender equality over the years, with Bud Light forced to apologise in April over the use of its seemingly consent-devaluing slogan, ‘The Perfect Beer For Whatever Happens’. The brand is now hoping to set things straight with a ‘gender-friendly’ campaign.



  • Article image Does sex still sell?

    Overflowing champagne bottles, foamy shower scenes, models in pillow fights. The sexy tactics used to flog products are well established. Yet with an increasingly feminist culture and studies showing that such imagery can impair our ability to remember what’s being advertised, does sex still sell?

  • Female superheroes are taking centre stage Female superheroes are taking centre stage

    Superheroes have been influencing kids for generations. But are they teaching them the right lessons? Challenging the dominance of male comic heroes, DC Comics has announced an 'unprecedented' plan to repackage its female superheroes and super villains for girls aged 6 to 12.

  • Article image Upbeat: a sports drink for ‘protein princesses’

    Protein is no longer just for pumped-up gym boys, it’s for girls too. ‘Protein princesses’ – women who work out between four and five times a week – are driving sales of powders, shakes and bars. But how is shake brand Upbeat proving so popular with women both in and out of the gym?

  • Article image Cerveja Feminista: brewing for a feminist cause

    For years, boobs and bums have sold Brazilian beer just fine. But with 86% of buying decisions in Brazil coming down to women, it doesn't make sense that 65% of them can't relate to advertising. Can Cerveja Feminista become not only a female-friendly beer, but the catalyst for a revolution?