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  • Youth computer illiteracy on the rise in Japan
  • Youth computer illiteracy on the rise in Japan
    Shinichi Higashi (2014) ©

Youth computer illiteracy on the rise in Japan

Japan may be considered a technologically advanced country, but young people's proficiency on mobile is beginning to create a problem. Students seeking employment are more computer illiterate than their predecessors, complicating job searches and costing companies time and resources.



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    How is the Silent Generation staying connected online? Why don’t people want to own an Oculus Rift? Why are people breaking their own tech? And how are our cities becoming more sensitive?

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    Is Japan really light-years ahead with technology? Is sex really a taboo? Is sipping on sake still the drink of choice? In our 2015 cultural snapshot of Japan, we debunk cultural myths, shed light on the country’s economic outlook, and explore the emerging and established trends across 12 sectors.

  • Flip-phones make a comeback in Japan Flip-phones make a comeback in Japan

    Japan is known to be a technology leader. But sales of ultramodern smartphones have taken a dive, as the classic flip-phone makes a comeback. Sales of 'garakei' – a simple mobile phone which was popular before the iPhone – are on the up for the first time in seven years. 

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    While WhatsApp wins over the West and WeChat conquers China, messaging app LINE has taken Japan by storm. With 400 million users worldwide, and 52 million in Japan alone, LINE's bright and vibrant customisable stickers are hugely popular – but can they really replace text?