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  • Parisian boutiques suffer following ISIS attacks
  • Parisian boutiques suffer following ISIS attacks
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Parisian boutiques suffer following ISIS attacks

The chic boutiques of Paris are often at their busiest before Christmas, but the psychological impact of the November attacks has changed this, with many stores reporting quieter footfall and a drop in overseas shoppers. Is the tourism capital of the world in trouble?



  • How Facebook could be perpetuating fear How Facebook could be perpetuating fear

    In the 24 hours following the events that unfolded in Paris in November 2015, 4.1 million people marked themselves ‘safe’ on Facebook. With 360 million receiving notifications, the platform prevailed as a practical tool for the masses – a way to alleviate worry and spur a collective sigh of relief.

  • Article image Why luxury is a way of life in China

    Renowned for an insatiable appetite for luxury, within ten years China will account for 50% of global luxury purchases. But as discretion becomes the mark of distinction, who are these luxury consumers, how are their tastes evolving and what compels them to part with their cash?

  • Article image What does a millionaire expect from a brand?

    HNWIs can take their pick of the finest luxury brands, defined by having a net worth of at least $2 million. There are 13.7 million of these consumers globally, but with so much to spend, how do they choose where to splash the cash first? And as their ranks grow, how will luxury shopping change?

  • Article image Is French luxury still alive?

    French know-how, heritage, and traditions are the essence of luxury. This expertise is acknowledged globally – nearly 85% of all French luxury goods are exported. But, with the rise of new markets such as China and Russia, is France still the world’s top reference for luxury?