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  • Reality Theatre is a VR mall
  • Reality Theatre is a VR mall
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Reality Theatre is a VR mall

Online shopping has slowly eaten into brick-and-mortar sales, while declining shop floor traffic has hollowed out shopping malls to the point where, in the US, they could be faced with extinction. Could Reality Theatre – a VR mall – provide another way for shoppers to experience stores?



  • Article image How VR is changing sport

    Rather than dramatically breaking into the mainstream, virtual reality has slowly acquiesced into the collective consciousness. The arena of sport, however, provides a unique opportunity for the tech, potentially transforming these perennial pastimes for fans, players and sponsors alike.

  • Article image Zero Latency: VR gaming beyond the bedroom

    Billed as the world’s first VR entertainment facility, Melbourne-based Zero Latency gives visitors a truly immersive experience for a small price. It provides an alternative, accessible way for people to experience the tech, but can it convince consumers that VR has a place in the mainstream?

  • Article image What's the future for virtual reality?

    2015 will see an avalanche of virtual reality devices appear in the mass market, with the likes of Sony, Google, Facebook and Microsoft targeting gamers across the globe. The technology may now be an attainable reality, but will it be used for anything beyond video games?

  • AR offers a better store experience AR offers a better store experience

    Pizza boxes becoming screens, and decorating your home with virtual furniture sounds fantastical, but it already exists through augmented reality. Brand experiments with this technology have led to mixed results. Is augmented reality relevant for bricks and mortar stores?