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  • Twigly is the go-to gourmet takeout in India
  • Twigly is the go-to gourmet takeout in India
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Twigly is the go-to gourmet takeout in India

People in India are getting used to the convenience of ordering meals straight to their doors, but companies are having a hard time claiming a share of the lucrative food delivery market. Start-up Twigly aims to beat the competition by becoming the go-to service for gourmet meals.



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    The takeaway industry was worth roughly £9 billion in 2014. And while they might traditionally be associated with sloppy curries or lukewarm pizza, new services like Deliveroo are giving takeaways a higher-quality edge. How is it challenging the fast-food giants that dominate this industry?

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    The average Indian spends over 13 hours a week behind a stove, and, in 2014, consumed just 151 calories from packaged snack foods each day. Yet despite these positive dietary habits, India has the world’s third highest obesity rate. So where are all those extra calories coming from?

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    While many American fast food chains have set up shop in India, reinventing themselves in the process in order to appeal to local tastes, Domino’s stands out as a brand that’s gone one step further. Carefully balancing local tastes with the Western flavour that people associate with pizza, Domino’s has engineered a 72% slice of the market.

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    In India, everyone delivers. From sweets to stationery to ice cream to medicine, there isn’t a market that's not ripe for home delivery. But in a country that's long been a fan of direct-to-your-door, online shopping is only one part of the story.