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  • A subway newsstand for modern commuters
  • A subway newsstand for modern commuters
    Union Square Partnership (2015) ©

A subway newsstand for modern commuters

Newsstands on the New York subway are almost identical. Commuters can pick up newspapers, snacks and bottled drinks; the format hasn't changed in decades. But the founders of New Stand have differents ideas, having reimagined subway stores with a souped-up reincarnation.



  • Smart bus stops to draw Dubai's commuters Smart bus stops to draw Dubai's commuters

    Bus stops in Dubai are notoriously hot and unpleasant places to wait for public transport. But the city's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is encouraging people back on to the bus with air conditioned shelters that boast cafés, free Wi-Fi and interactive kiosks.

  • Article image How are commuters consuming media?

    With the average UK commute lasting 38 minutes, communications that provide convenience, entertainment or a simple distraction can make the time spent travelling feel shorter. But what do people read, play or buy going from A to B? And how are brands engaging this captive audience?

  • Article image How buses are being reinvented for bursting cities

    With wood-panelled walls and cold-press juices, Leap’s buses have been criticised for contributing to San Francisco’s rising inequality. Elitism aside, bus travel may be key to bringing efficiency and equality to our expanding cities, and Leap is just one of many pioneering transport services.

  • Article image LinkNYC: turning payphones into city hubs

    When was the last time you used a payphone? We thought so…. LinkNYC is a project that aims to turn dormant payphones into fully functioning media hubs. Offering gigabit wifi Internet, local directions and smartphone charging, could payphones be making a comeback in New York?