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  • For many Gen Yers, the American Dream is dead
  • For many Gen Yers, the American Dream is dead
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For many Gen Yers, the American Dream is dead

The American Dream – loosely defined as upward mobility achieved through hard work – forms the cornerstone of America’s national ethos, held aloft by everyone from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Bruce Springsteen. But according to a recent poll of Gen Yers, for many the dream is dead.



  • Article image How American teens are spending their summer

    Sleeping in, driving around town and going to the beach – this is what American summers are made of. Or at least they used to be. Today’s hyper-driven teens don’t have time to be lazy, instead optimising their vacations and college applications with summer jobs, internships and enrichment courses.

  • Birth of the Latin American dream Birth of the Latin American dream

    Millennials have broadly been tarred with the same brush; they're a generation deemed self-entitled, narcissistic, lazy and – ultimately – unhappy. But, while in the West debate still circulates as to how accurate these labels are, new research shows they don't apply to Latino Gen Y.

  • Article image Why American teens are mad for all things British

    Britain exports more TV to the US than ever before, and 14% of all albums sold in America are by UK artists. Over 80% of young Americans see the UK’s world influence positively, compared to only 66% for their own country. But what's turned American teens into Britophiles?

  • Starbucks revives the American Dream Starbucks revives the American Dream

    With American college fees continuing to rise and students facing mounting debt problems, Starbucks is stepping in with a plan to offer its employees a free online college education. The brand intends to help nearly 50% of US college students who fail to complete their degrees.