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  • Employers are paying off people’s student loans
  • Employers are paying off people’s student loans
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Employers are paying off people’s student loans

Everyone loves a work perk. And in recent years, large corporations have upped their game when it comes to that little something extra for employees. While in the UK, Starbucks workers can get a leg-up onto the property ladder, in the US, some employers are paying off student debt.



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    Freelancing is fast becoming the new normal, with 53 million Americans now working this way. Journalism has been particularly affected by this shift, but many writers still have problems getting paid by publishers. Can Pressland help civilise the industry by increasing transparency?

  • Starbucks offers financial support to staff Starbucks offers financial support to staff

    Large corporations aren’t exactly known for intimate connections with their workers. But Starbucks wants to break the mould to foster supportive relationships with its staff. In an attempt to do so, it's introduced the ‘Home Sweet Loan’ programme to help workers in tough financial times.

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    The pursuit of happiness within the workplace has always been important - and as Millennials join the workforce, they're vocalising it more than ever. So how can a company make things work for current employees and ensure they’re appealing to today's many jobseekers too?

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    Whether it's a monthly barbecue served by the boss or a gaming suite in the office, smart businesses like Google are motivating their millennial workforce with more perks, not just more money.