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  • Apple iOS 9.3 helps you sleep better
  • Apple iOS 9.3 helps you sleep better
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Apple iOS 9.3 helps you sleep better

Are you struggling to catch those ZZZs? Always hitting snooze? The latest update from Apple could be the answer to your midnight prayers. iOS 9.3 is set to include a ‘Night Shift’ feature that adjusts the colour balance of the screen after sunset to make it easier on your eyes before you go to sleep.



  • Practice mindfulness using your smartphone Practice mindfulness using your smartphone

    Feeling stressed? Unable to focus? New app PAUSE allows you to try mindfulness on the go by focusing all your senses on continuously moving an amorphous blob of digital ink across your phone screen. The intention is to help users shut out the rest of the world and clear their minds for a while.

  • Article image Tuft & Needle: getting a practically perfect nights sleep

    Sleep is a big deal – 60% of Americans crave it over sex. But traditionally a good mattress is an investment, costing up to $3,000. Tuft & Needle is changing that. It offers an affordable, high-tech design that means your partner won’t feel you’re there, or that their wallet is a new bed lighter.

  • Article image How important is a good night’s sleep?

    In the 50s we used to sleep eight hours a night. Nowadays the average is six and a half. Why have we become less keen on a proper night’s keep? Does our modern lifestyle promote sleep deprivation, meaning we’ll stay awake as long as it takes to consume as much online as possible?

  • Smartphone use is depriving Brits of sleep Smartphone use is depriving Brits of sleep

    The number of sleep-deprived people in Britain has risen by 50% since the start of 2013. Researchers believe the shift could be related to the use of smartphones and tablets before bed, with studies showing that 80% of Brits use smart devices directly before sleeping.