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  • Aldi is offering wine delivery
  • Aldi is offering wine delivery
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Aldi is offering wine delivery

Budget supermarkets Aldi and Lidl have been slowly stealing shoppers from other discount supermarkets, rapidly increasing their market share. Now, Aldi has gone online. Forgoing food for now, it's stocking an initial selection of 90 wines to tempt bargain-hunting shoppers online.



  • Minibar offers an alcohol subscription service Minibar offers an alcohol subscription service

    Fancy getting your favourite wines or spirits sent to your home on a weekly basis? US-based alcohol delivery service Minibar now offers no-fuss booze deliveries directly to your door. Will this new subscription service help Minibar succeed in an increasingly competitive market?

  • Article image Naked Wines: a wine club for a new breed of drinkers

    There’s speculation over where the UK’s alcohol industry is headed in today’s healthy, hard-working culture. With pubs closing and wine societies viewed as snobbish, Naked Wines is catering to a new breed of drinker, allowing them to order merlots and chardonnays to their door via a text.

  • Article image How are Brits really boozing?

    Brits are drinking less – a drop of 16% from 2004 to 2012 – and even 16- to 24-year-olds aren’t bingeing like they once did. Rather than boozing at the pub, they're pouring a perfect pint at home. But why have drinking habits changed? What does it mean for pubs and beer brands?

  • The race to deliver 'on demand' alcohol The race to deliver 'on demand' alcohol

    Aimed at parties and corporate functions, Boston-based Drizly aims to deliver alcohol to your doorstep in under 40 minutes. After receiving £2.5 million in funding, and with a host of competitors across the US emerging, the race towards delivering 'on demand' alcohol is on.