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  • The football league helping men lose weight
  • The football league helping men lose weight
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The football league helping men lose weight

According to the World Obesity Foundation, seven in ten men in the UK will be obese by 2025. But male-focused weight loss groups are hard to come by. Could a football league that caters exclusively to overweight men be just the thing to help British males keep up weight-loss resolutions?



  • Article image Men’s Health Forum: making blokes more health-savvy

    Men’s health is in bad shape. Despite being more likely to smoke, drink and be overweight, men are less likely to visit a GP, with a third embarrassed to seek help for mental health issues. Can more accessible services from the Men's Health Forum encourage blokes to take better care of themselves?

  • The mental health clinic exclusively for men The mental health clinic exclusively for men

    In 2013, men represented 78% of UK suicides, and it’s the leading cause of death for men between the ages of 20 and 34, standing at 24%. The Eaton Foundation was launched to create a safe space for men to work through their issues, and it's now opened the UK’s first male-only mental health centre.

  • Article image Take It From A Fish: kids give dad health advice

    People don’t like being told what to do, especially by big corporations. And knowing that men in particular don’t like listening to health advice, pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca targeted the wives and kids of unhealthy dads. But how did it do this? And why did it work so well?

  • Article image Where has the lad gone? And do we want to find him?

    With lads’ mags Nuts and Front publishing their final issues in April 2014, The Sun’s Page 3 under fire, and even the relatively more sophisticated idea of metrosexual man now an assumed norm, does the 'lad' still exist? If so, where can he be found? And is it worth trying?