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  • Black cabbies are accepting cashless payments
  • Black cabbies are accepting cashless payments
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Black cabbies are accepting cashless payments

London has over 20,000 black cabs and many people use public transport to get around the city. But it’s frustrating having to make an ATM detour if you’ve not got enough cash to pay the driver. Well fret no more – London's black cabs are rolling out cashless payments.



  • Article image Topshop & bPay: making fintech fashionable

    Fashionistas rejoice – payment options are no longer limited to uninspiring bank cards or plain old cash. Topshop has teamed up with bPay to launch a range of contactless accessories that'll complement your outfit. But is Gen Z really that bothered by fintech? Can payments really be fun?

  • Article image How tech has transformed how we spend

    In the US, 80% of consumer spending no longer involves physical dollars, while in Britain cash use has dropped 14% in the last five years. What is driving this shift towards a cashless society? And how will we spend and manage money in the future?

  • Lollapalooza goes Lolla Cashless Lollapalooza goes Lolla Cashless

    Music festivals are often rife with the irritations of spending the day amid a bustling crowd. Billions of dollars worth of smartphones are lost each year, and queuing for a single drink can waste hours. In response, Chicago-based festival Lollapalooza has introduced RFID bracelets for cashless payments.

  • Shop on Britain’s first cashless street Shop on Britain’s first cashless street

    For one day in June 2014, all shops on a busy high street in Chorlton wouldn’t let customers buy anything with cash. From bakeries to pubs and gift shops, all items had to be paid for with card - testing reactions to a future scenario when paper money becomes redundant.