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  • Ili is the world's first wearable translator
  • Ili is the world's first wearable translator
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Ili is the world's first wearable translator

Fancy a bit of globetrotting, but don’t have time to learn another language? A new gadget could be set to change the way we communicate with locals when travelling. Ili is a wearable, real-time translator from Japan-born start-up Logbar that's designed to break down the language barrier. 



  • Article image Sekai Menu: getting tourists in Japan to pick up the chopsticks

    From ramen shops to sushi stands, there’s no doubt that eating out is big business in Japan. But authentic, local dining is off-limits to many foreigners due to the formidable language barrier that persists outside major cities. Could an app get tourists to pick up the chopsticks?

  • Google Translate's big leap Google Translate's big leap

    Stuck in a Paris patisserie, desperate to figure out how to ask for those canelés you’ve been eyeing up? With Google’s new futuristic translation services, you’ll be able to say what you want into your phone – or use your camera to translate the menu.

  • Article image Are we all digital cosmopolitans?

    Gone are the days where intrepid travellers would touch down on foreign soil without having any clue how to get around. In today's hyperconnected world, travellers are able to thoroughly research, itemise and plan their holidays on a level that's never before been possible.

  • Skype translates calls in real-time Skype translates calls in real-time

    There are more than 100 different languages spoken in the UK alone. Developments like cheap air travel and social networking mean we talk to people from across the globe on a daily basis. The only barrier is language, and Skype is aiming to remove it with its call translator.