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  • PC gaming isn’t dead
  • PC gaming isn’t dead
    The BIG GAME LAN party (2015) ©

PC gaming isn’t dead

With all the talk of mobile games, home VR and augmented reality, it can often seem to non-gamers that the PC would be forgotten when it comes to gaming. But recent research shows this isn’t the case – people still love to game on a computer. How is PC staying so relevant?



  • Article image Zero Latency: VR gaming beyond the bedroom

    Billed as the world’s first VR entertainment facility, Melbourne-based Zero Latency gives visitors a truly immersive experience for a small price. It provides an alternative, accessible way for people to experience the tech, but can it convince consumers that VR has a place in the mainstream?

  • Article image Kamcord: watching mobile gamers play

    Kamcord burst onto the mobile gaming scene in 2012, letting people record their gameplay and upload the footage. Users share a video every two seconds, and over 1 million clips were shared in April 2014 alone. So is mobile the future of gaming? And is watching the future of playing?

  • The rise of e-sports is a big deal The rise of e-sports is a big deal

    In October 2014, tens of millions of people across the world tuned in to live stream a sporting event. But it wasn't American Football or soccer, it was watching two teams - one Chinese, one Korean - compete in the computer game League of Legends.

  • Article image Minecraft: shaping the real world with virtual building blocks

    Minecraft may be the most-sold video game on Earth, but it's very different from its fellow chart-toppers. It has basic graphics and no narrative – and yet it's captured the imaginations of over 100 million players. But how has this indie game become a global phenomenon?