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  • Religion turns to snapchat to reach digital natives
  • Religion turns to snapchat to reach digital natives
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Religion turns to snapchat to reach digital natives

Come all ye faithful, adore this ten-second video. Religious communities are turning to Snapchat to reconnect with a digital generation that's quickly abandoning organised religion and faith. Could friction-free social networking be the new shepherd of digital congregations?



  • Article image How superstitions and beliefs affect marketing in China

    Babies born in China in 2015 (the Year of the Sheep) are thought to be unlucky. So unlucky that thousands of mums rushed to have a baby in the more favourable Year of the Horse. Superstitions still hold fast in rapidly modernising China. How can international brands avoid making cultural mistakes?

  • Article image What would Jesus buy?

    Religious people can find that everything from ethical codes to long-term decisions are affected by their choice to believe. Yet despite the fact these belief systems hold such weight over those that adopt them, marketers and media outlets alike shy away from religion. Why?

  • Is the internet actually aiding religion? Is the internet actually aiding religion?

    Much research has pointed to the correlation between the uptake of the internet, the global sharing of content and ideas, and drop in religiosity. But as a social tool that brings communities together is the internet really hurting religion or helping it?

  • Article image Spirituality for the internet age

    As people become disenchanted with institutions, showing a 'human' side is important. The Sunday Assembly, a network of “radically inclusive” secular congregations, is rapidly going global.