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  • Neko Atsume helps you relax by collecting cats
  • Neko Atsume helps you relax by collecting cats
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Neko Atsume helps you relax by collecting cats

Everyone loves cats and it's now easier than ever to have one in your pocket. Japanese cat app Neko Atsume has launched an English-language version. Through the smartphone app, users can collect cats by leaving them fish, cushions and cuddles while they collect their thoughts.



  • Article image Art-thérapie: colouring books that help adults unwind

    Stressed out by mortgages, childcare and mountains of laundry, an increasing number of adults are turning to colouring books to unwind. With studies suggesting that even brief periods of art-making can reduce levels of anxiety, could this childhood pastime provide better relief than yoga?

  • Article image Why it’s raining cats and dogs in the ad world

    The ad industry has fallen in love with cute animals. McVitie’s offers up 'Sweeet' kittens and puppies, O2 has a cat acting canine, and Three has featured both a moonwalking pony and a hilariously-dressed pug. But why do puppies, ponies and penguins mean such serious business?

  • The appeal of mindless mobile gaming The appeal of mindless mobile gaming

    "Rule the red carpet!" "Take over LA!" "Date and dump celebrities!" These activities form the narrative of Kim Kardashian's smartphone game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. It's part of an emerging genre of adventure gaming where no skill or attention is required in order to succeed.

  • Article image Creature comforts at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

    Seeing an opportunity to unite cat-lovers with their feline friends while supporting the local community, Lauren Pears is opening Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium: London’s first cat café.