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  • China sets a new national box-office record
  • China sets a new national box-office record
    Jonathan Kos-Read (2013) ©

China sets a new national box-office record

It's action time for Chinese cinema, as the second homegrown movie in a year sets a national box office record. Even as Hollywood movies tempt Chinese audiences, the domestic box office revenues are growing so fast, that China’s movie market is set to outdo Hollywood by 2017.



  • China adopts the summer blockbuster China adopts the summer blockbuster

    While Jurassic World had the biggest opening weekend in US history this summer, Chinese box office records were being smashed by two different movies. The success of homegrown Pancake Man and Monster Hunt indicate that China has well and truly adopted the summer blockbuster.

  • China’s growing cinema ticketing apps China’s growing cinema ticketing apps

    In 2015, China’s box office sales surpassed the US’ for the first time ever. With the number of people buying cinema tickets on their smartphone in China doubling over 2014, apps are becoming the key battleground to this nation’s growing appetite for big screen entertainment.

  • Article image Fast and Furious: driving diversity in the cinema

    Eleven years after its debut, the Fast and Furious franchise is more lucrative than ever. The latest is the third film ever to break $1 billion in the box office. But is its success down to cars, girls and explosions? Or does it offer something no other franchise does – a cast as diverse as its audience?

  • Article image What’s the future of the blockbuster?

    In the summer of 2014, US box office figures were down 15%, and there were a string of spectacular film failures. The number of frequent moviegoers fell in every age group, but the biggest drop came from 18- to 25-year-olds. Has Netflix killed the blockbuster?