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  • Panasonic gives corporate blessing to same-sex marriages
  • Japanexperterna.se (2011)

Panasonic gives corporate blessing to same-sex marriages

Everyone wants to be accepted. And Panasonic is changing its rules in Japan to facilitate acceptance of LGBT employees. It’s putting the company at the forefront of change in a notoriously conservative country and giving future employees an incentive to work somewhere that will truly accept them.



  • Article image Tobitate! Young Ambassador Programme: mobilising Japan’s ambivalent youth

    Japanese Gen Yers are often called the ‘enlightened generation’. Yet while they’re more self-aware and less materialistic than their parents, they’re also more risk-averse. Can the Tobitate! Young Ambassador Programme convince them to leave the comfort of home and study abroad?

  • Employers are paying off people’s student loans Employers are paying off people’s student loans

    Everyone loves a work perk. And in recent years, large corporations have upped their game when it comes to that little something extra for employees. While in the UK, Starbucks workers can get a leg-up onto the property ladder, in the US, some employers are paying off student debt.

  • Kyoto temple offers gay marriage Kyoto temple offers gay marriage

    “No religion teaches how to hate,” reads the website for Kyoto-based Shunkoin Temple. “Religion teaches how to love and respect others." Established in 1590, Shunkoin has become the first historic temple to offer gay weddings in Japan, despite the fact they’re not legal there.

  • Article image GAYTMs: cashing out and proud

    In December 2013, the law allowing gay marriage was overturned in Australia – spurring outrage, as two thirds of people support same-sex unions. At Sydney's Mardi Gras, ANZ turned its cashpoints into glitzy GAYTMs, sending a bold statement: accept our cash, accept our values.