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  • Scots keep fit with housework and DIY
  • Scots keep fit with housework and DIY
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Scots keep fit with housework and DIY

Two-thirds of adults in Scotland are hitting the recommended levels of physical activity – but they’re not taking part in traditional team sports. So what’s keeping them fit and healthy? New research suggests that doing housework and DIY is helping Scots stay in shape.



  • Article image Why have chores gone designer?

    For most people, chores are a necessity and rarely a pleasure; a third of Brits would rather pay to have someone else do them. But could a shift in our perception of these tasks, underpinned by thoughtfully designed products, make them more pleasant? Can beautiful brooms make sweeping fun?

  • Washing machines could be a force for social good Washing machines could be a force for social good

    Whirlpool is giving customers the chance to clean their clothes and their conscience in one fell swoop with its new line of Connect to Care washing machines. The machines enable users to set up a monetary donation per load, bringing a little charity to their chores.

  • Article image LG Twin Wash: doing loads of laundry in half the time

    More than half of Brits struggle to find time to maintain a house whilst juggling work and a social life. LG claims that with the Twin Wash, laundry is one chore that'll take half the time. As convenience becomes the ultimate luxury, will people be willing to pay a premium price for it?

  • The decline of domestic skills The decline of domestic skills

    Doing the laundry is a chore, especially if you have no idea how to do it properly. A study into basic clothing repair and laundry skills in the US has found that, when compared with previous generations, Gen Y don't know anything about laundry. But why?