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  • Brits find craft alcohol confusing
  • Brits find craft alcohol confusing
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Brits find craft alcohol confusing

Craft booze has disrupted the alcohol industry in recent years as thirsty Brits regularly reach for a bottle of BrewDog over a can of Stella. But despite enjoying a more expensive, artisanal beer, research suggests that many people are unsure what the term ‘craft’ actually means.



  • Article image Is craft beer still cool?

    Craft beer has emerged as a strong industry contender in recent years, with microbrewery founders across the world getting down to business, trading their ‘staches for snappy suits. But now that major players have entered the game and hipster appeal has diminished, will it still be cool?

  • Article image Blind Pig Cider: Heineken hops on the craft movement

    Led by the craft movement and new, fruity flavours, cider’s evolution from park bench brew to hipster favourite is well underway. Heineken is now looking to corner the premium end of the market with the launch of its ‘20s-inspired Blind Pig brand. How is it building indie appeal?

  • Turning cheap beer into a craft brew Turning cheap beer into a craft brew

    Craft breweries have radically shaken up the beer industry. Mass produced options like Bud Light are being challenged by craft beers that promise to deliver better quality and a more authentic brew. But what if you could turn an ordinary pint into a craft beer with a product not unlike a tea bag?

  • Article image Why we want our gin and vodka to be craft

    Around 90% of people worldwide consider spirits to be an affordable luxury. No longer is drinking vodka, rum and gin just a means of intoxication – it's an experience to be savoured. But with the definition of ‘craft’ unclear, is it becoming little more than a marketing tag?