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  • A mainstream manga tackles LGBT issues
  • A mainstream manga tackles LGBT issues
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A mainstream manga tackles LGBT issues

Japan's conservative views on sexuality are well known. But things are starting to change, as LGBT issues gain more attention in the media and younger generations become more liberal. Manga series Ototo no Otto is now presenting everyday LGBT issues to a mainstream audience.



  • Panasonic gives corporate blessing to same-sex marriages Panasonic gives corporate blessing to same-sex marriages

    Everyone wants to be accepted. And Panasonic is changing its rules in Japan to facilitate acceptance of LGBT employees. It’s putting the company at the forefront of change in a notoriously conservative country and giving future employees an incentive to work somewhere that will truly accept them.

  • Article image Monkey Business: Japanese literature gives ‘Cool Japan’ a boost

    With Haruki Murakami at its centre, Japanese fiction is booming overseas. The literary journal Monkey Business: New Writing from Japan is proof that the acclaimed writer is part of a lush literary landscape. Could the nation’s novels be an overlooked piece of the ‘Cool Japan’ puzzle?

  • Appealing to LGBT communities Appealing to LGBT communities

    Alfa Romeo's sales in Japan have doubled after the brand began specifically targeting the LGBT market. It's sponsoring gay film festivals and pride events, where it hands out red Alfa Romeo condoms - a sign of growing acceptance.

  • Article image L'Oréal Miss Manga: kawaii goes mainstream

    Will L'Oréal’s new mascara – designed to recreate the Japanese ‘anime eyes’ look – appeal to Western women? And how will real anime fans react to the appropriation of their subculture?