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  • There are 66 'types' of mum
  • There are 66 'types' of mum
    Phalinn Ooi (2014) ©

There are 66 'types' of mum

Mums in advertising aren't often noted for their diversity. The archetypal ‘mother’ figure tends to obliterate any sense of the millions of individuals that make up such a massive demographic. To tackle this, Mumsnet attempted to segment them, coming up with 66 different mum 'types'.



  • Article image Pep&Co: pepping up fashion for the UK’s young mums

    Aldi and Lidl have done it to groceries, Tiger has done it to homeware. And now Pep&Co has unleashed the discount model on clothing. Founded by former Asda CEO Andy Bond, it’s on a mission to help families spend less on their clothing. Can it become a mainstay on the UK’s high streets?

  • Article image How new mums like to shop

    Becoming a parent is one of life’s most stressful – albeit cherished – moments. With Brits spending an average of £1,619 to prepare for a baby, some mums are buying on their smartphones at all hours. But how do new mothers really like to shop? And which brands are meeting their needs?

  • Modern women are more than mums Modern women are more than mums

    More and more women are identifying themselves by their careers, hobbies and friends, rather than their roles as mothers. In today’s culture, the stay-at-home mum has been replaced by a career-driven woman who wants to have it all. What can marketers learn from this shift?

  • Danish single mums are thriving Danish single mums are thriving

    Denmark’s ‘solomors’ – single mothers through artificial insemination – are growing in number and confidence. Benefitting from liberal attitudes towards child-rearing and a generous support system, solomors are an increasingly important part of Denmark’s social tapestry.