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  • German teens are shunning alcohol and drugs
  • German teens are shunning alcohol and drugs
    Silvia Sala (2013) ©

German teens are shunning alcohol and drugs

Underage drinking is a big deal; the average age boys first try alcohol is 11, while for girls it’s 13. But a report has found that consumption of alcohol among German youth  as well as drugs and cigarettes  is at an all-time low. Has 'sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll' become a thing of the past?



  • Article image Club-Mate: an energy elixir for Berlin’s youth

    Energy drink sales are on a caffeine high at $27.5 billion worldwide. But in the depths of Germany's underground scene, naturally caffeinated Club-Mate is the only one to be found in the hands of clubgoers and hackers. How has it won the hearts and minds of the young with barely any advertising?

  • Article image Are Generation Z just a bunch of squares?

    They don’t smoke, they don’t drink, and they want nothing more than to own a house and start a business. The kids of Generation Z may not even be 20 yet, but they've already earned a reputation as a bunch of squares. But are these digital natives really born to be mild?

  • Article image Is staying in really the new going out?

    Clubs and pubs in the UK are closing, and young people are drinking less than ever. A lack of money, advances in technology and a need for exclusivity have changed the party scene. But has staying in really become the new going out?

  • Article image Are Germans still boozing with a bierkrug?

    In Germany, beer is considered a pure drink – brewed according to a 500-year-old regulation – but most people just want it to be cheap and easy to drink. A craft beer movement is gaining momentum as a result. But is German beer culture in danger of losing its heritage?