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  • L’Oréal runs video ads on Pinterest
  • L’Oréal runs video ads on Pinterest
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L’Oréal runs video ads on Pinterest

Pinterest holds the shopping wish lists of women around the world. Whether you’re deciding between lipstick shades or party looks, it's a great place to browse through all kinds of beauty inspiration. And now, L’Oréal is finding success with promoted video pins on the platform.



  • Article image Curalate: connecting pictures to purchases

    While the early web was all about text ‒ dominated by emails, forums and MSN Messenger ‒ it has since transformed into a highly visual landscape. So how can brands understand customers’ conversations when they communicate in images and not words? Can Curalate provide the answer?

  • L'Oréal finds direct beauty videos make for effective ads L'Oréal finds direct beauty videos make for effective ads

    The media empire governed by YouTube vloggers like Zoella is proof that young women are looking to their perceived peers for beauty tips. And in new findings from a study run by L'Oréal and Google, there's now proof that straight-to-camera videos make for the most effective beauty ads.

  • Pinterest adds a buy button Pinterest adds a buy button

    Millions of people already use Pinterest to discover things they like; from crafts to clothing. The social pinning site has now unveiled Buyable Pins, finally letting users take the next step to buy those things. With Pinterest becoming more of a shopping hub, can it pin this market down?

  • Article image What does ‘beauty’ really mean?

    With 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day, people are creating and looking at more images of themselves today than at any other point in history. And as our lives become permanently on display through the growth of social media, it’s changing how we see ourselves.