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  • Kids aren't happy about their parents' tech usage
  • Kids aren't happy about their parents' tech usage
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Kids aren't happy about their parents' tech usage

“Put your phone down when I’m talking to you!” This might sound like a parent talking to their child, but new research shows that it's actually what kids want from their parents. And by understanding the expectations around tech use around the house, products can better support family values.



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    "Where are you?" It's the most commonly sent text, and whether it's Mum wondering where you are or your boyfriend chasing you as you’re late for a date, we like to keep track of one another. Life360 allows us to do just that. But how has it made tracking loved ones seem convenient instead of creepy?

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    Nearly 60% of Brazilians feel they aren't spending enough quality time with their family. Stories, fights and gossip were once shared around the dinner table, but now these interactions often happen over Facebook and email. Does the family that WhatsApps together stay together?