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  • Africa is a hot spot for hotel developers
  • Africa is a hot spot for hotel developers
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Africa is a hot spot for hotel developers

The global hotel industry is expected to generate $550 billion in 2016, and Africa is emerging as a new battleground for developers. The number of hotel rooms across the continent has risen 30% from 2015, and Nigeria is leading the way with the greatest number of planned developments.



  • Luxury hotels expand in the Middle East Luxury hotels expand in the Middle East

    From mind-boggling skyscrapers to high-end luxe boutiques, the Middle East has long been recognised as a destination for supercharged luxury experiences. And even at a time when geopolitical concerns are rife, major luxury hotel groups are still forging on with expansion.

  • Article image Why we want our hotels to be healthy

    In 2014, 17 million travellers were health and wellness focused, and 40% of them travel regularly. In response, hotel chains are focusing on wellness with extras like eco-friendly products and upgraded gyms. But in an industry built on indulgence, how can they get the balance right?

  • Article image How hotels are being redesigned for Gen Y

    While luxury brands move away from the ‘stuffy’ traditions, a new breed of hotels that spans the entire price spectrum is competing to meet the needs of the digitally dependent Millennials. But how is such a long-standing industry redefining itself to meet the needs of Gen Y?

  • Article image Holidays without the sun, sand and sea

    The stereotypical image of a holiday masks a much larger variety of desires, states of mind, emotions and personal interests. How much do we still identify with white sands and blue sea?