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  • Waitrose branch goes cashless
  • Waitrose branch goes cashless
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Waitrose branch goes cashless

Cashless payments have already overtaken the use of notes and coins, and it’s predicted that by 2024 just a third of consumer payments will use cash. With Waitrose opening the first cashless supermarket in the UK, could this spark the rest of the retail sphere to ditch hard currency too?



  • Article image What’s the future of the cash point?

    How much cash is in your pocket? With the onward march of technology, physical money now seems somewhat redundant. Paying for things with a smartphone or contactless card is simply more convenient nowadays. So with digital transactions becoming the norm, is the ATM doomed?

  • Black cabbies are accepting cashless payments Black cabbies are accepting cashless payments

    London has over 20,000 black cabs and many people use public transport to get around the city. But it’s frustrating having to make an ATM detour if you’ve not got enough cash to pay the driver. Well fret no more – London's black cabs are rolling out cashless payments.

  • Britain falls out of love with cash Britain falls out of love with cash

    Are we moving towards a future where printed money exists only as a curiosity? As debit, credit and electronic transactions continue to rise, cashless payments have overtaken the use of physical money for the first time. In the UK, cash is no longer the norm, and may soon be the exception.

  • Article image How tech has transformed how we spend

    In the US, 80% of consumer spending no longer involves physical dollars, while in Britain cash use has dropped 14% in the last five years. What is driving this shift towards a cashless society? And how will we spend and manage money in the future?